Swedish Lingonberry Preserves
Item ID:: 3610-9210-EU05

Lingonberry Preserves from Sweden. Great on toast or as a sauce with meat. 14.1 oz.

Price: $10.50
Tempo Swedish Meatball Mix
Item ID:: 3610-008-6050

Turn everyday hamburger into Swedish meatballs. Recipe is on the box. 2.75 oz.

Price: $2.50
Toro Pannekaker Mix
Item ID:: 3610-001-30301

This packaged food mix is imported from Norway, so you can enjoy your favorite ethnic breakfast in a fraction of the time it takes to make them from scratch. Norwegian pancake mix. This great mix makes 8-10 pancakes. Serve after the Swedish Ertesuppe every Thursday, as the Swedes do! 6.9 oz.

Price: $11.00