Henning Woodcarvings


Henning - Hardanger Boy - Ola
Item ID:: 1063-230H-0605

Henning Engelsen's whimsical woodcarvings express a true Norwegian spirit.

This laughing hardanger boy named Ola, is hand-carved and painted.

Measures 5.75" high

Price: $100.00
Henning - Milk Maid - Olga
Item ID:: 1063-0001-060511

Henning woodcarvings capture the spirit of Norwegian folk-lore.  This blushing Milk Maid named Olga is hand carved and hand painted. She is featured wearing a Norwegian bunad, holding a milking stool and a bucket.  The bucket has all moving parts and swings in her hand

Measures 7" high

Price: $160.00