Product Information

The people at Kolner specialize in making a variety of sugar products and this is their natural sugar cone for Glogg making.  It works well with any recipe, but I feel it works best with my Grandmother's Glogg Recipe that was handed down to her from her mother before she left to come to the US. 

Grandma Hanson's Glogg Recipe:


  • 2    750ml Bottles of Dry Red Table Wine  (nothing expensive, but with good deep flavor)
  • 2oz    Dried orange peel
  • 2oz    Cinnamon Sticks
  • 20    Cardamom Seeds (remove from pod)
  • 20    Whole Cloves
  • 1c    Blanched Almonds
  • 1c    Seedless Raisins
  • 1    Natural Sugar Cone  (I prefer the 8.8oz Kolen Sugar Cone)
  • 1    Piece Dried Ginger Root (about 1”)
  • 1.5pt    Aquavit (Aalborg Jubileum or Linie)


  • Pour the Wine, Raisins, and Almonds into a large pot and apply heat.
  • Place the spices in cheese cloth tied into a bag into the pot.
  • Bring mixture to near a simmer, DO NOT BOIL.
  • Place a Screen over the Pot and put the Sugar Cone on top.
  • Heat .5pt of the Aquavit to make it WARM
  • Pour the Warm Aquavit over the Sugar and Ignite.  (Make sure you are in an open area when lighting)
  • After the Sugar has disolved into the wine mixture pour in the rest of the Aquavit and remove the Spice Bag.  
  • Take mixture off the heat and ladle into Glogg Mugs immediately with some of the raisins and almonds in each mug.