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2017 Summer Collection

25 Years!

This is OLEANA’s 25th Anniversary!  The New Summer Collection is the first part of this year’s Celebration.  We have been fortunate to have been one of the first stores to carry OLEANA.  Ever since the brand was launched we have always carried the “Entire Line”.  The New Summer Collection is OLEANA and Designer, Solvej Hisdal’s, way of paying homage to OLEANA’s 25 year history as well as giving us a glimpse into the future.  

Our staff has been working with the New Oleana Collection for a little while and is very excited with the response that they have had from our customers in our Retail Store.  There is something in this New Summer Collection for everyone.  These new pieces are and will become Classics in the OLEANA Brand.  Just like the original 7 Series and the Vesterheim Cardigan that followed from previous milestone years.  

We strongly suggest that if you can make the trip to Rochester, Minnesota to visit us that you do.  You will find OLEANA’s oldest and only dedicated OLEANA Boutique featuring the entire OLEANA Line and with a Staff of OLEANA Experts that can assist you with your next purchase.  They know the entire line from the first sweater and wristlet all the way to the current Collection.  

If you can’t make it to visit us in person we always have the OLEANA Catalogs available on our Website.  Although OLEANA does not allow us to post prices and sell on the web you can use our downloadable catalogs to do your shopping or dreaming.  Our OLEANA Staff is only a phone call away and can easily assist you with your next purchase.  

To place an order or to have any of your questions answered please call us Toll Free, 800-282-6673 week days between 9:30 and 5:30 Central time and ask to be forwarded to one of our Oleana Specialist.  Many of them have worked with OLEANA since OLEANA’s first collection over 20 years ago.  They can easily assist you with your questions or help you with your next OLEANA purchase.

OLEANA 1992 - 2017

Our biggest dream was to prove that it could be possible to produce beautiful clothing in a high cost country like Norway. We really wanted to make an effort investing in the very best designs and sustainable qualities.
We wanted to create new jobs and a good working environment where people could be happy and develop personally. We had so many ideas and dreams that we wanted to realize.
25 years later, we are proudly presenting the New Summer Collection to our customers all over the world. All created by OLEANA’s own designer, Solveig Hisdal.



Signe Aarhus

co-owner & co-founder



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