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Norse Traditions

2023 Scandinavian Icons Christmas Ornament, The Nisse, SECOND EDITION

2023 Second Edition Scandinavian Icons Ornament, The Nisse, front
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2023 Scandinavian Icons Collectible Ornament.

Back before Viking Times we have stories of Nisse, Tomten, or Tanttu as well as Trolls popping up in Scandinavian Folklore.  The Nisse were small creatures that inhabited Scandinavia even before the first Viking settlers arrived.  

They were a kind hearted lot and lived all over Scandinavia.  The animals were their friends and they took good care of the land.  As the first settlers arrived they were a bit afraid of them.  The new settlers had strange ways about them and seemed to not be as connected to nature in the same way as the Nisse, but not as full of trouble as the Trolls.  As a result the Nisse hid from the new settlers and watched them from afar.

Trolls also inhabited the land and tended to be in the mountains. They were larger and not as kind hearted as the Nisse.  They enjoyed playing tricks on the unsuspecting settlers.  They caused all manner of mischief.  The Nisse tried to keep the Trolls from causing too much trouble, but Trolls will be Trolls.  

In the early years of Viking settlement there was a savage winter worse than anything before.  Many people and animals were suffering.  The Nisse had been watching and they decided that they should help.  In the dark of night they would sneak up to houses of the early settlers and leave small bags of grain and other food stuffs as well as woolen blankets to keep everyone warm.  No one knew who was leaving the small gifts, but they were very greatful.  

By Springtime things were getting back to normal.  The Nisse continued to ward off the Trolls and watch over the settlers.  Over that time many a Viking settler had chance encounters with the Nisse, but they were always just out of clear sight.  Children however were sometimes very lucky to catch sight of the Nisse.  Over the Juletide a bowl of rice porridge and perhaps a tankard of Christmas Ale was left out to thank the Nisse for all his good deeds.  

This year we celebrate the NISSE.  They have protected our homes for centuries from the mischievous Trolls.  They have become a symbol of Christmas all over Scandinavia.  Whether you call him - Nisse, Tomten, or Tonttu.  The world is a better place with them watching over us.  

Blue silkscreen design on 2.75" white porcelain disk.  Gift boxed with history.


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