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Solje - With golden "Spoons" or disks. Norwegian folklore says that the spoons are ment to ward off evil, or illness during times of transition in one's life. The specific metal content used, is from 830. The silver used to make these beautiful pieces is said to ward off trolls. Traditionally, Soljes were given for a variety of occasions, with smaller pieces usually given at birth or a baby's christening. Larger pieces (often Heirloom pieces) were always a bridal tradition. A bride would then add a new tier of filigree, to symbolize a new generation. Soljes are handmade from 830s silver, just as they have been for hundreds of years.

  • Classic Solje Brooch - Small
  • Aprox. 1.4" inches
  • Traditional 830 silver with 24k gold plated disks/tears
  • Handmade filigree style solje
  • Product of Norway
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Width: 10.00
Height: 7.00
Depth: 3.00
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