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Cooks Pure Almond Extract, 4oz

Cooks Pure Almond Extract, 4oz

When you are making many of your favorite Scandinavian Bake Goods the one ingredient that can make or break a recipe is Almond Extract.  A good friend of ours owns a local bakery that makes a lot of Scandinavian Delicacies.  Otto was the one who told us that if you want the best Almond Extract you needed to use Cooks Pure Almond Extract and to make sure it was fresh.  Cooks has all the natural flavor of good almonds without that bitter taste that comes from many other brands.  After a little taste testing we had to agree.  Ever since then we have used Cooks in all of our Baking. 

Several times a year we will do up Swedish Almond Cakes to have for people to sample at events that we will host in the store.  Everyone always wanted our recipe and although it went out with every pan it was hard to get that full almond flavor to their cakes.  So we started to carry the Cooks Pure Almond Extract and all of our customers now swear by it. 




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