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Scandinavian Saturnus Glogg Mix, 500ml

Saturnus Glogg Mix, 500ml
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Glogg Mix

We have tried every type of Glogg mix on the market and the Saturnus Glogg Mix is best we have ever found.  In a taste test against my Danish Grandmother's recipe it is a dead heat. 

Here is my recipe for mixing up the Ultimate Scandinavian Glogg with our mix. 

In a heat resistant pot combine the bottle of Glogg Mix with a 1.5 ltr. bottle of dry red wine (an inexpensive Burgundy works great).  Add raisins and slivered almonds and bring to just below a simmer.  DO NOT BOIL!!! 

Before serving add up to the same amount of Aalborg Aquavit (preferably Aalborg Julilium or Linie) as Glogg Mix.  Stir and serve warm.






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