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Swedish Dala Horse: Red, 3-Inch

Authentic Swedish Dala Horse, 3 inches, Red
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Swedish Dala Horse - Red, 3 inch

  • Size: 3 inches high
  • Carved from hard wood
  • Hand painted in traditional colors
  • Made in Sweden


Swedish Dala Horses are iconic pieces of Scandinavian folk art. This little 3 inch horse is hand-carved and lovingly painted with traditional colors and patterns. Many people say a Dala Horse brings good luck. The Dala Horses are imported from the Dalarama region in Sweden - the birthplace of the Dala Horse.

*NOTE* The size is measured as height - from top of the ears to bottom of legs. Each Dala Horse is hand painted in traditional colors & patterns. Each one is a little unique, please expect some variations.



The history of the Swedish Dala Horse dates back many years. In the 17th and 18th Centuries one could find them sold at local markets in small towns and villages in Dalarna (central Sweden). Fast forward 100 years and the horses were carved by men during long winter evenings while working in the forest. The men would bring them home for the children in the village to play with. The simple horses were eventually pained with bright colors inspired by the patterns found on furniture and walls in the region. Later they were used as a source of trading and income when traveling salesmen of the day would bring them as payment for room and board. Struggling families would often sell them to supplement income and support the household and you can find the children and grandchildren of those families still proudly producing them today. It wasn't until 1939 when an exhibition at the World's Fair in New York made them known around the globe. An enormous painted Dala Horse stood outside the Swedish Pavilion which caused a sensation. Following the exhibition 20,000 Dala Horses were shipped to New York and since then, they have become an iconic symbol of Sweden.


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