Dale of Norway at the Olympics, Chapter 4, "Celebrate Norway's Victories with Your Own Olympic Gear"

by Walter Hanson

These Olympics have been the Best Norway has ever had.  From the Alpine Teams Attacking Vikings all the way down to the Curling Team Norway has shown its Olympic Might!  

This is the time to Celebrate those victories with the last of the Olympic Sweaters from Dale of Norway.  As with all special edition sweaters as the Olympics come to end so does production on these great designs.  Don't Miss Out!

This year's Norwegian Olympic Team Sweater is called "Olympic Passion" and it lives up to its name.

The design takes its inspiration from Norwegian Sport Sweaters from Cortina, 1950's era. The main design theme is a stylized St Andrew's Cross which is common in many early knitting patterns from Norway and can be found in a Sweater from the late viking era on display in the viking museum. Since then it has shown up adapted in many forms both in knitting as well as in decorations from Stav Churches to modern day designs.

The Cross directly over the Heart is colored in Red, White and Blue to symbolize the athletes passion for the games and for their country. The inside of the collar is also detailed in the colors of the Norwegian Flag. A further reminder of their home country.

Below the St Andrew's crosses is "Falling Snow" a design element found in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Logo and also found in the design of many of the Swearters from the mountain regions of Norway. In Norwegian the term was Ljus and for many years Norwegian Sweaters were even referred to as Ljusekofte. Referring to the flecks of snow in the body of the sweater as they reflect light.

The strong Red, White and Blue color elements give this sweater a Classic look and has drawn many of our customers attention. Olympic Sweaters are produced for the time of the Winter Games and are generally not produced past the time of the games. Don't miss out on this Classic Olympic Sweater.

OLYMPIC PASSION - Red, White, and True Blue!

Olympic Passion Men's 1/4 Zip Sweater

Olympic Passion Women's 1/4 Zip Sweater

Olympic Passion Children's Sweater

Olympic Passion Hat

Olympic Passion Headband

The VIKINGS are coming . . . The Norwegian Alpine Team has taken to the Slopes at the Olympics and shown the World that the VIKINGS ARE HERE. Each day of the Olympic Games they are on the "Attack" in true Viking Style.

At the end of the 2016-17 World Cup, the Norwegian Alpine Team, formally adopted the title of the "Attacking Vikings." They also asked Dale of Norway to develop a team sweater and matching gear they could wear in the 2017-18 Ski Season and Olympics.

Dale of Norway honored their request and created the Viking Collection to meet their needs. The focus point for the collection is the namesake "Viking" sweater. It is designed with a supersoft wool quality, spun from Merino lamb’s wool, that is rugged in appearance, but superlight in weight. The advanced knitting structures creates the impression of a protecting breastplate with arrows along the zipper. The back is adorned with the two runic letters, symbolizing protection and victory. The arms of the feminine cardigan are decorated with beautiful cable knit, and the masculine sweater has knitted elbow patches. The sleeves are long with thumb holes. The fit and design elements create a modern, young look.

The second part of the Viking Collection is a new quality of base layer that Dale developed out of Super Soft, Super Fine Merino Yarn called "Viking Basic". These base layers are different than most of the ones on the market in that they are a "Shirting Weight." This means they are thick enough to be worn by themselves as a shirt without them being "see through" like most base layers that are on the market. This makes them the perfect daily wear for our Modern Day Vikings. Like the "Viking Sweater" they feature the runes for "protection and victory".

The third part of the Viking Collection is also a very new quality of skin soft merino lambs wool sweater called Tor for men's and Tora for women's. The pattern includes two runic letters, one symbolizing victory and the other symbolizing protection. This rugged contemporary design is perfect for the ski slopes, après ski or around town. The name Tora is the feminine version of Tor, the hammer-wielding god of Norse mythology associated with thunder and strength.

If you purchase one of our Viking Collection pieces you will notice that all the images used on the hang tags, posters, etc show the Norwegian Attack Vikings wearing their namesake collection. The Viking Sweater is the sweater that each member wears for all team events, including a special members' dinner at Olympic Park. They are a Viking family and share their experiences both on and off the slope.

We look forward to watching the escapades of these Attacking Vikings as they continue to conquer the Alpine Region of Pyeongchang over the next several days. 

The Olympics at Pyeongchang have been a magical experience for this Norwegian Team.  From a country of 5.25 million the Norwegian Olympic team has competed in all phases of the games and collected more medals than countries several times their size.  It's time to show a little Norwegian Pride and wear one of the highly collectible sweaters from these games.