Introducing Oleana's Fall Collection "Vivid Dusk Classics", Thursday October 26th!

by Louise, Walter and Haakon

"Let’s chase sunsets and bold ideas. Let’s have real conversations, seek new adventures and groove in the garden. Let’s turn up the volume together."  Gerde Fuglerud, owner 

Join us Thursday, October 26th for a Day with Lori Anderson Exploring the New Fall Classics Collection "Vivid Dusk".  Lori Anderson is Oleana's US representative and will be in The Nordic Shop October 26th to show you the new collection.  

October 26th Schedule

9:30 to 10:00 am FaceBook Live Collection Introduction 

Noon to 4:00 pm Lori will be in The Nordic Shop to show you the new collection and to assist with your purchases.  

Can't make it to the event.  Call us at 507-285-9143 and make arrangements for a personalized FaceTime Shopping Experience.