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Posted by Louise, Walter and Haakon Harald on Sep 28th 2023

2023 Nordic Icons Ornament "NISSE"

Long before the first settlers arrived in Scandinavia the NISSE or TOMTE lived there. They were a peaceful and kind hearted race. They took care of the land and animals that lived in it. As the first settlers arrived the NISSE watched from the forest and wondered what these large people were and what were they doing in their land. The first Winter came and it was the worst that had ever been experienced by the NISSE and they watched silently as the new settlers were ill prepared to survive the harsh conditions.

Being the kind hearted spirits that they were they decided to help those first settlers, but without revealing themselves. The settlers would awake and find that the animals had been taken care of over the night with food and fresh bedding. There were also small bags of grain and dried foods that would also appear out of magic it seemed.

The next year on the celebration of the Jule the settlers left small gifts out for the NISSE to show their gratitude for helping them get through their first year. From then on NISSE have been helping their human counter parts. Each Christmas a full bowl of Risen Grott with an Almond in it is left out for the NISSE and in many areas a Bowl of Christmas Beer is also left out. In return the NISSE help protect their adopted families and protect them from the antics of the mischeavious Trolls.

Celebrate the NISSE in your life with this year's Nordic Icons Christmas Ornament. Scandinavian Blue on White design on a 2.5" porcelain disk. Gift Boxed with history.

2023 NISSE Ornament $29.50

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