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JUST RELEASED . . .  the TOKYO Sweater, by Dale of Norway for the Norwegian Olympic Team

JUST RELEASED . . . the TOKYO Sweater, by Dale of Norway for the Norwegian Olympic Team

Posted by Walter, Louise and Haakon on Jul 6th 2021

The Nordic Shop is excited to unveil the TOKYO Sweater by Dale of Norway designed for the Norwegian Team.  Order Now for the upcoming Summer Games in Tokyo, Japan.  

This is only the Second Time that Dale of Norway has been asked by a the Norwegian Summer Olympic Team to design a Special Edition Sweater for them.  The entire sweater from beginning to knitting the sweater has been a test of both the Design Department, but also for the first time the Production Department.  

This Sweater is a truly Summer Weight Sweater designed for the comfort of the Team while they are in Tokyo.  The Production Department came up with a new single ply yarn developed from a blend of Tencel and Merino Wool.  The Tencel adds stability to this truly Summer Weight Sweater and the Merino Wool adds a silk like feel and breathability unlike any man-made fabric.  In addition the Production Department added small diamond shaped vents on the back and down the arms to increase ventilation.  

The Design Department worked hard with the Team to come up with a design that matched the "Spirit and Zeal" of this year's team and the Tokyo Games.  They found a symbol in one of the temples in Tokyo that stood for "Good Luck and Prosperity", which they incorporated into the design of the sweater.  To show the National Pride of the team they added the Norwegian Eight Point Rose to the center of the Sweater in Norwegian colors of Red, White and Blue.  The entire design and production of the TOKYO Sweater was a true labor of love by the factory and something that both they and the Team are proud of.  

This Special Edition Sweater will only be available for a limited time so get yours early to enjoy for the Summer and to Cheer the Norwegian Olympic Team on as they compete for Gold on the Olympic Stage.  

TOKYO Men's Sweater:

  Colors:  Blue or White

  Sizes:  Small ~  XXLge

  Price:  $220

TOKYO Women's Sweater:

Colors: Blue or White

Sizes: Small ~ XLge

Price: $220

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