Make a Statement with a Story: The Sigrid Ladies Sweater by Dale of Norway

One of my favorite Dale of Norway designs is the Sigrid Sweater: This design depicts the Norse Goddess Freya in the knit motif.Typical of old Norwegian knitting patterns,this sweater tells a story. The design is named for a storyteller in her own right, SIgrid Undset of Lillehammer, who won the Nobel prize for literature in 1928.

The Story of the Norse Goddess Freya: Freya was a Norse goddess of love and beauty who could see both the past and the future. She was married to Oar. Every time she was separated by Oar she would cry tears of red and gold. Freya rode on a chariot pulled by two cats. She also had horses, one with eight legs which symbolized her power. She had a large feather cloak fashioned from falcon feathers. This cloak could take her wherever she chose. Being a goddess Freya had a crown and a beautiful necklace called Brisigamen which all subjects adored.

The Story of Freya is knit into the Sigrid Cardigan by Dale of Norway: Across the bodice of the sweater are a line of frames which feature the goddess Freya. At the top of the frame is her crown. Freya rides a horse and there are 2 stylized cats, one on either side of the bottom of the frame. Notice the two falcons at Freya's shoulders, depicting her feather cape.The Brisigamen necklace seems to be woven at the base of the frame. The all over pattern of the sweater seems to depict the red and gold tears which Freya cries when Oar is gone.

The Sigrid Cardigan pays homage to the 1994 Lillehammer Olympic Sweater by Dale of Norway: The 1994 sweater was knit in a 4 ply sport yarn, therefore the pattern and the figures were much larger than the current Sigrid Sweater. The Lillehammer Olympic sweater was a pullover, a good sport sweater for the time.

The new Sigrid Cardigan has updated the pattern, the style and the yarn:  This sweater is made in skin soft, lightweight 100% one ply merino wool. It is fully fashioned for ladies and has a feminine shape. The two way zipper features the signature Dale of Norway pull at the top. The one ply yarn casts the detail beautifully. One can really see Freya's crown and even her two cats and her falcons within the design. The cardigan is knit in five different color combinations.

My favorite Sigrid Cardigan color combination is the classic black and white with red trim. I wear it in the summer with a pair of dress shorts and a tee shirt. In the winter I wear it with my Dale of Norway Knit Skirt and boots. I can also layer the new Dale Sterne Top under the sweater which matches the knit and the color perfectly. I never put this sweater in storage, ever.

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