My Grandmother's Scandinavian Glogg Recipe

by Walter Hanson

Since we did our Blog Post on our Scandinavian Glogg Event this Saturday many of you have asked me if I would publish my Grandmother's Scandinavian Glogg Recipe.  Well here it is.  

Grandma Hanson’s Glogg Recipe

2 750ml Bottles of Dry Red Table Wine (nothing expensive, but with good deep flavor)
2oz Dried orange peel
2oz Cinnamon Sticks
20 Cardamom Seeds (remove from pod)
20 Whole Cloves
1c Blanched Almonds
1c Seedless Raisins
1 Natural Sugar Cone
1 Piece Dried Ginger Root (about 1”)
1.5pt Aquavit (Aalborg Jubileum or Linie)

Pour the Wine, Raisins, and Almonds into a large pot and apply heat.
Place the spices in cheese cloth tied into a bag into the pot.
Bring mixture to near a simmer, DO NOT BOIL.
Place a Screen over the Pot and put the Sugar Cone on top.
Heat .5pt of the Aquavit to make it WARM
Pour the Warm Aquavit over the Sugar and Ignite. (Make sure you are in an open area when lighting)
After the Sugar has disolved into the wine mixture pour in the rest of the Aquavit and remove the Spice Bag.
Take mixture off the heat and ladle into Glogg Mugs immediately with some of the raisins and almonds in each mug.


You now have my Grandmother’s Glogg Recipe. Please feel free to pass it on to others. My Grandmother did not have much when she came to the US, but her mother had written down all the families favorite recipes and put them in her bible which she passed on to her sons. This recipe is easily 4+ generations old and has more than withstood the test of time.  

 When my Grandmother made Glogg she obviously adjusted the amount of Aquavit up a bit to help ward off the cold weather. I must say that I have followed her example, and you might like to try adjusting the amount you use as well.

ps: We stock the Sugar Cones and we also had made for us this year a set of 12 Scandinavian Glogg Labels.