Pack for Travel Effortlessly: Six Dale of Norway Go-To Items for Your Next Trip

by Louise Hanson

Travel is fun and exciting. Travel can be exhausting and confusing. One must stay on a schedule, keep track of important information and look good while tugging a roller bag and carry on.

I have found the solution, six items which are a go-to for elegant and easy traveling. Dale of Norway, yes the Norwegian brand famous for Olympic sweaters has designed a perfect selection of six items which are classic and timeless. These have taken me through many time zones.

1: First the Sonja Feminine Jacket. For summer I recommend the off white with grey mel edging. This piece is named after the Norwegian Queen and it is fit for a queen. The skin soft merino wool will take you through cool breezes and summer air conditioning. Signature Norwegian Pewter buttons add authenticity to this timeless cardigan. This sweater also come in black with the grey mel edging.

2: The Dale Skirt. The grey mel coordinates perfectly with the Sonja Cardigan. The skirt comes in classic black as well. This skirt is a workhorse. I have had to bend and run and sit in this garment. I also have had to roll it up in my carry on for travel. I take it out of the bag, hang it for a while or steam it as I take a shower andit is perfect for wear. The long lasting merino knit is fully lined and keeps everything in place.
There is a nice wide stretch waistband which is even fashionable if you are wearing a tuck-in top.

3: Next add the new Stjerne Feminine Top. Last year I asked the Dale designers to consider making a top to go with all their beautiful sweaters and they did! This fully fashioned sleeveless top matches the sweater perfectly. Wear it alone with the skirt when you are warm and just toss the Sonja cardigan over your shoulders. The top features a small intarsia Norwegian Rose (Stjerne) just at the back of the neck. The rolled neckline is perfect for jewelry. This top is available in black as well.

4: Now tuck in some Sonja Wristlets. They add a little Norwegian elegance to any outfit. I also depend on them to keep my hands warm when I travel to Northern Europe or Northern USA. The breeze and the wind near the North Sea or the Great Lakes….need I say more?

5 and 6: The Sonja Scarf and the Sonja Hat does round out this outfit perfectly. Again, the scarf will comfort you in chilly situations and give you just a little personal hug while sitting on an airplane. The hat is very chic and comes in handy when you just have to get to the airport at 5 am. The hat to be perfect for me in Paris during a surprise rainstorm. The subtle floral design in the lightweight merino wool makes the accessories seasonless.
Now pack a pair of jeans, a pair of black pants, a tee shirt and a colorful blouse. I have done this and have counted at least nine outfits in my bag. Like me, these will take you from on the plane, to dinner, to a business meeting and then to a museum and shopping.

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