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Norse Traditions

2006 Stav Church Ornament - Reinli

2006 Stav Church Ornament - Reinli. Made by Norse Traditions and available at The Nordic Shop.
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This is the 15th edition of the Stav Church Christmas Ornaments and features the Reinli Stav Church in Valdres, Norway. Reinli is the only Stav Church that can trace its picturesque location in the Valdres valley to the work of the Trolls. Legend has it that the church was originally built lower in the valley, but that the Trolls took exception to its location and moved it up the hill in the course of an evening.

Even if you don't believe in trolls, the Reinli church has plenty of interesting features. The exact date of its construction is unknown, but historians place it between 1240 and 1260. It has several pieces of architecture in common with Gothic churches, including the St. Chapelle in Paris. The Reinli church also boasts three portals, each with richly carved posts and that are similar to European churches of the time.

Each Limited Edition Ornament is made on a 2.5" flat porcelain disk and hand decorated in delicate Scandinavian Blue and White. The ornament includes a 2006 Stav Church Gift Box and an enclosure with a complete history. Manufactured by Norse Traditions, A/S.

  • Blue silk-screened design on porcelain
  • 2.5" disk with ribbon
  • Gift boxed
  • Contains a detailed history of the church
  • Manufacturer: Norse Traditions, A/S


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