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The 29th Edition of the Stav Church Series is Hore from Valdres, Norway.  It is an interesting Stav Church both because of its construction techniques and its historical significance.

The Hore Stav Church was erected on the large family farm of the Kvie family to commerate the life of one of the Kvie brothers killed in the battle of the Calfskin at Nidaros.  Like many other Stav Churches it was built on the foundation of a much older and smaller 4 masted church.   Construction began in 1177 and was consecrated by 1180.  

Archaelogical finds from below the floor of the in the form of coins and other trade items show that the Kvie Farm and the original Stav Church were important sites of commerce dating to before 1040 and remained so throught the 1200's.  Henrik Ibsens play "The Pretenders" is based on a member of the Kvie family.  

The master builder of the Hore Church may have worked on several other Churches in the area.  Of interest in Hore is the use of large arches to create more open space than earlier churches.  This was probably two fold; to show the wealth of the Kvie family and to provide more space for a larger family congregation that spanned several hundred years.  The wealth of the family could also be seen in the rich appointments inside the church.  

In 1822 the Stav Church was remodeled and expanded to fit a larger congregation.  At that time the original chancel and apse were removed.  In 1857 the belfry is given its final remodeling and the old belfry is moved to the become the entrance to the church yard.  

1979 saw preservation work done throughout the church and the surrounding church yard.  It was at this time that the archaelogical work was carried out.  The church is still in use today.


  • Blue silk-screened design on porcelain
  • 2.5" disk with ribbon
  • Gift boxed with a detailed history of the church
  • Manufacturer: Norse Traditions, A/S
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