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Norse Traditions

2021 Stav Church Ornament - Rodven, Romsdal, Norway

2021 Stav Church Ornament - Rodven, Romsdal, Norway
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The 30th Edition of the Stav Church Series is Rodven from Romsdal, Norway.  Rodven is a Stav Church that is shrouded in mystery because very little has been recorded about it.  It leaves more questions than answers when trying to piece together its history.

Rodven is a bit of an enigma.  Today only the nave and the chancel are all that remain of the original Stav Church.  There are hints of an older structure, but they are a bit like ghosts.  

The North Portal dates back to the end of the 1100's and coins found in and under the church point to its earlier days.  The center piece of the church, a life size Crucifix dates to the 1200's.  There is nothing in writing that places it here until 1300 when mention is made of the consecration of the South Portal.  

At its highest point, it must of been a grand structure with a full pentice on all sides and a tall steeple.   A great storm came in from the sea and up the fjord in 1689 that caused a great amount of damage to the church.  It was not until 1712 that a full and proper reconstruction of the church was undertaken by Hans Knudsen of Molde at the request of Vicar Thomas von Western.  

It was probably at this time that the additional supports were added to the side walls to help bolster the structure against any further damage by storms.  At this time a new roof and bell tower were added to complete the reconstruction of the exterior.  

Inside we find many treasures from its grand past.  The most noticeable is the life sized crucifix mentioned earlier.  Also of note the restored painted walls and ceiling first painted in 1650 and restored in 1714, the new Altar, Alter Piece, and Pulpit all added in 1712.  In 1791 a Baptismal Font was added to complete the interior of the church.  

This is a Stav Church that has served its community well over its long and storied past, and continues to provide us with a good glimpse into its history as we look around the insides of the church.  Rodven still hosts services on special holidays, and is also used for Baptisms and Weddings. 


  • Scandinavian Blue silk-screened design on porcelain
  • 2.5" disk with ribbon
  • Gift boxed with a detailed history of the church
  • Manufacturer: Norse Traditions, A/S

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