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Dale of Norway

Dale of Norway - Mount Stello Women's Cardigan: Off White/Marine/Raspberry, 85781-A00

Dale of Norway - Mount Stello Women's Cardigan Sweater: Off White/Marine/Raspberry, 85781-A00_model waist up photo
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Dale of Norway - Mount Stello Women's Cardigan: Off White/Marine/Raspberry, 85781-A00


Mt Stello is the official team cardigan for the Norwegian athletes in the 2024 summer Olympics and Paralympics in Paris. Mt Stello is a soft and sporty cardigan made with 100% merino wool that is light enough for both summer and year-round use . The design is inspired by the colors of the Norwegian flag. An eight-petal rose and the text “Norway” are subtly knitted into the back in an eyelet pattern which also aides in ventilation on hot days. The women’s Mt Stello cardigan features a practical two-way zipper for added comfort.

Design Notes:
Mt Stello has been developed in close collaboration with the Olympiatoppen organization (a part of the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports).

Dale of Norway has been creating official garments for the Norwegian Olympic team for every Winter Olympics since 1956. For nearly seven decades, our garments have been tested by some of the world’s best athletes. Along the way, Dale has created many iconic sweaters that have become collector’s items. For the Summer Olympics, Dale has created official garments twice before: Barcelona in 1992 and Tokyo in 2021.  This is a unique sweater and one that is destined to become a Summer games icon.

The sweater is named after Mount Stello a 1306-meter-high mountain peak located in the northern part of the French Mediterranean island of Corsica.



 • Fit: slim fit/fitted
• Mid-layer
• Lightweight knit
• 100% merino wool
• High neck
• Full-length, two-way zipper
• Designed and knitted in Norway
• Washable


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